It’s Going Down

Three Way Fight


Antifascist News

The Final Straw Radioshow/Podcast

One People’s Project

Torch Antifa Network

Rose City Antifa

NYC Antifa


Antifa: The Antifascist Handbook

Fascism Today: What It Is and How to End It

Against the Fascist Creep

Confronting Fascism: Discussion Documents for a Militant Movement

Earth First! Direct Action Manual

Recipes for Disaster: An Anarchist Cookbook (pdf here:



Our Vendetta: Witches vs. Fascists

Burn It All Down: An Antifascist Spellbook

If An Agent Knocks (slightly out of date Know Your Rights booklet with versions in Spanish, Arabic, and Urdu)

How To Join the Resistance: Ideas for Fighting the Trump Regime and Becoming Ungovernable

Forming an Antifa Group (English and Spanish available)

Three-Way Fight: Revolutionary Antifascism and Armed Self-Defense

Claim No Easy Victories: An Analysis of Anti-Racist Action (ARA) and It’s Contributions to the Building of a Radical Anti-Racist Movement


This Is Not a Dialogue: Notes on Antifascism and Free Speech

Not Your Grandfather’s Antifascism


Articles and Other Readings

Morbid Symptoms: Fascism and Anti-Fascim

Fascism and Anti-Fascism: Reflections on Recent Debates on the US Left

Towards a Transformative Antifascism: The Relevance to Radicalized Peacebuilding to Antifa Praxis

#TrumpTheRegime: Resources and Ongoing Resistance to Trump and the Far-Right

A Time for Treason Reading List

Resources for Antifascist Action (based in UK so be careful with legal tips)

How to Encrypt Your Entire Life in Under an Hour

Forming an Antifa Group (English and Spanish available)

What is Security Culture