Anti-Fascists Disrupt White Lives Matter Houston Rally

Torn up White Lives Matter signs

About the Event

In the past few months we’ve seen an uptick of attempts to attack Jewish establishments by white supremacists in Texas. Recently, a synagogue was burned down in Austin after a series of anti-Semitic actions by the Goyim Defense League. There has also been an increase in the distribution of antisemitic propaganda throughout the U.S. by various groups. This week, we’ve seen another attempt to threaten the Jewish community in Houston.

On Saturday, December 18, Neo-Nazis and white supremacists affiliated with White Lives Matter (WLM) organized a demonstration outside of the local offices for the Anti Defamation League. After weeks of planning, they managed to get a dozen Neo-Nazis to show up and stand in the rain with antisemitic signs. The Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee was informed of the event by another Anti-Fascist group, and within a day managed to organize twice as many people to protest against them. We were proud to stand in solidarity with everyone who showed up to fight white supremacy, both those in formal political organizations and those who went alone. The Houstonians who came out showed white supremacists that they are not welcome in our city, and that we will not tolerate bigotry against our neighbors. White Lives Matter was late to show up, and it was already raining by the time they had come. After a brief clash between the two sides, cops came to separate us and protect the fascists. The police were clear in their intentions, having openly stated that they were there to protect the Nazi’s right to “free speech”. WLM even admits to this, as can be seen in their gab post about the event:

It’s clear that the police don’t protect the people of Houston,but instead aim to make sure Neo-Nazis can safely organize events and spread their genocidal message.

The fascists in WLM forgot to bring umbrellas, so their signs ended up getting washed out by the rain. After about an hour of trying to show off their faded and nearly incoherent ramblings to the few cars passing by and getting their shouts drowned out by our significantly larger crowd, the WLM members scurried away within the police escort. The event was a clear success for the Anti-Fascists, and Houstonians who showed up in solidarity with our Jewish neighbors. Not only did we significantly outnumber the WLM members and take their signs, but we got them to leave and drowned out their message, reminding them that antisemitism and fascism wont be tolerated in Houston.

About White Lives Matter

White Lives Matter is a decentralized network of white supremacists. They mainly organize in various regional telegram groups divided on the state level, and country level for groups outside the so-called U.S. After a few years of dormancy since they first appeared in 2016, the group got off to a rocky re-start in April after they attempted to coordinate rallies across the so called U.S. Their rallies failed to attract more then a handful of people at each location in the instances where they weren’t cancelled completely. Anti-Fascists infiltrated local telegram groups and vastly outnumbered the few fascist protestors who did show up. Now, their protests struggle to attract more then a dozen participants, and they mainly distribute white supremacist and white genocide conspiracy content in an attempt to indoctrinate white Americans and to terrorize marginalized communities. Most members of White Lives matter are explicit fascists, using usernames with references to the third reich and, in the case of many of the WLM members on the 18th, wearing swastikas, SS bolts, or other symbols of Nazism. They’ll sometimes try to obscure this fact to seem more respectable for the sake of “optics”, but as this event shows, they still have a hard time keeping hate symbols out sight.

Statement on the ADL and Zionism

The Anti-Defamation League was likely chosen as a target by “White Lives Matter” for multiple reasons. For one, it’s one of the most prominent Jewish organizations in the country and is featured prominently in many conspiracy theories about white genocide, so they intend to terrorize and intimidate all Jews by targeting it. They also likely chose it as a target in order to sow divison among the left —WLM seeks to bait their enemies into supposed hypocrisy so they can accuse us of being zionists, but there is no hypocrisy in our position. The ADL is a firmly right-wing zionist organization with a history of surveilling and maligning social justice movements and support of law enforcement, including sponsoring israeli trainings for NYPD. Loyal to the israeli settler-state, the ADL silences criticism of israel’s apartheid, ethnic cleaning and war crimes by targeting and smearing Palestinians and their Jewish anti-zionist allies as anti-Semites. While their purported mission as a civil rights organization is to combat antisemitism, they are unabashed in their public support of anti-Semites and right wingers in the US and elsewhere. 


The Screwston Anti-fascist Committee stands in solidarity with all oppressed people worldwide. We stand in solidarity with Jewish people in the US and elsewhere who are among the most frequent victims of hate crimes and whose communities are constantly under attack. We stand in solidarity with the millions of Palestinian refugees in exile who are barred from returning to their homeland by the israeli settler-state and those who are resisting  occupation and apartheid in Palestine. We do not support the ADL in any way and did not call this rally to defend the ADL specificaly.


The counter-protest on December 18th may have been a victory, but it’s just one battle in the war against fascism. We must continue to organize against white supremacy and fight it wherever it rears its head. We ask the readers to cover up and deface any fascist propaganda they might see, inform Screwston Anti-fascist Committee or other Anti-Fascist groups, and to otherwise do everything you can to fight to keep your community safe from fascism, white supremacy, antisemitism, and bigotry in all forms. It’s only by working together and practicing care and solidarity towards those around us that all of us will be able to defeat fascism.

Email us at:

Special thanks to Red Fog 161 and the Elm Fork John Brown Gun Club for helping make this event possible, and to the Houston Socialist Movement and Houston United Front Against Fascism!

Points of Unity

SAFC Points of Unity
1) Police and the State

Police forces uphold white supremacy and class hierarchy accross the globe. From their historical beginnings as slave patrols and union busters to their more contemporary role as the footsoldiers of mass incarceration and police brutality, the police are the enemy of the working class. When white supremacists have rallies in the streets, it’s not a surprise to see these same police forces safeguarding them and trying to make sure their rallies go according to plan. Many police forces have a history of overlapping membership with a whole variety of racist groups. The Houston Police Department has its own not-too-distant history of overlaps with the Klu Klux Klan. More recently, it has been commonplace to find a heavy overlap between Police and support for former president Trump and his rightwing rhetoric, and in some cases members of contemporary white supremacist groups have been revealed to be police officers.

As an organization, we are opposed to any form of collaboration or cooperation with the police. This includes, as examples, the application for protest permits or the sharing of information about fascists with state agencies. In the streets, we are opposed to policing the behavior of others. Peacekeepers who actively shut down the miltiancy of those around them only help stifle our collective power. We wholeheartedly reject all notions of police reform. We want total abolition of the state itself and every policing apparatus it includes.

2) Revolution

We aim to help build working class power capable of overturning the foundations from which both fascism and our own oppression arise. While sometimes necessary, simple reactions to fascist organizing are not the entirety of our struggle. Ultimately, we seek the liberation of all people from the confines of the capitalist mode of production, the state‘s rule, and class society at large.

We support liberatory movements around the world, recognizing that state power is aligned against the interests of the people. We stand against authoritarian, reactionary and counter-revolutionary movements on the left that are not rooted in solidarity with international struggles, or those that deny the autonomy of oppressed people or the justice of their cause.

3) Feminism

We are a Feminist organization with no tolerance for mysoginy, homophobia, transphobia, or machismo. We reject the ego-centric and thrill seeking behavior which Anti-Fascist work can sometimes be known to attract. We see the Anti-Fascist struggle as a Feminist struggle in and of itself, which must center Feminist issues and fight against patriarchy as fiercely as white supremacy.

Though often overlooked, the rejection and subjugation of femininity is a fundamental component of fascism, conservativism, and our society at large. While heavily rooted in identitarianism and ultra-nationalism, the forces of fascism that we face today are not actually exclusively white, but are, however, exclusively misogynist. This fact, amplified further by the centuries of war against women which have preceded us, makes the Feminist struggle essential to the defeat of fascist uprisings and any prospect of global revolution.

4) Capitalism

While sometimes at odds with sectors of the capitalist class, fascist movements ultimately aim to amplify the exploitation we endure under capitalism, reprojecting it even more severly along ideological identity lines. Typically fascism manifests as a response to capitalist crisis, and poses itself as a revolutionary solution to the woes of the working class. Both neoliberal capitalism and insurgent fascist movements must be simultaneously challenged by Anti-Fascists.

Anti-Fascism situated inside the capitalist framework won’t eliminate the root of the problem, or address the instability that causes fascists to see fascism as a desirable ideology. Fascism aside, we as working class people have no stake in a world built to endlessly accumulate capital at all costs. Our environment grows less inhabitable each day while we grind away our youth, only to pass our earnings on to parasitic landlords in an endless loop. We need an immediate, uncompromised end to the capitalist mode of production, by any means necessary.

5) Accountability

The world of leftwing organizing can be rife with interpersonal conflicts and political fractures. We take conflicts between people and other groups seriously and hold eachother accountable to a basic standard of conduct. When conflicts arise, we try to solve our issues in the most appropriate setting based on the circumstance so as not to exacerbate the issue further. We will not publicise personal information about other active members of leftwing groups that are entangled in these disputes. We feel internal conflicts are best handled privately between all affected persons, mediated by a non-biased third party.

6) Electoral Politics

Our organization does not and will never endorse political candidates of any kind, nor will we promote the act of voting as a solution to our problems.  We will not allow political candidates to join our organization or use revolutionary struggles to build their campaign platform. We openly oppose politicians who show up at events to get media attention and pander to the crowd. Moreover, we recognize that the co-opting of events by liberal politicians and their constituents is central to the state’s counter-insurgency strategy. Fascism cannot be defeated through voting, it must instead be fought directly in the streets. The election of political representitives is not aligned with our goals or mission.

Houston Mobilizes to Defend George Floyd’s Grave from Nazi Threats

A group photo of people holding floyers in front of George Floyd's Mausoleum.

This Saturday on May 8th, 2021 a national group of white supremacists known as White Lives Matter planned their second wave of actions in various cities across the country. Here in Houston we received credible information that the local White Lives Matter leadership was planning to show up at George Floyd’s grave early in the morning where they would be holding some sort of demonstration. As far as we are aware this was the only White Lives Matter action scheduled for a major Texas city this weekend.

Upon learning about their plan we quickly gathered an assortment of local groups and individuals together to defend the Mausoleum where Floyd is buried. On Saturday morning a sizeable group of Houstonians assembled and marched through the graveyard with flowers, which were laid near Floyd’s grave. We stayed until well after the Neo-Nazi group had been planning to appear. They apparently changed plans on short notice and never showed up, possibly having caught wind of our counter protest and being intimidated.

People standing with flowers inside the Mausoleum where George Floyd is buried.

Threats like these will be met with zero tolerance by the people of Houston, and for now the resting place of George Floyd remains unscathed, adorned with flowers instead.

Flowers laying on the ground in the Mausoleum where George Floyd is buried.

Zine Release – Making Sense of Fascism

We are pleased to announce the release of this new zine “Making Sense of Fascism.” It can be purchased through our online shop here:

Making Sense of Fascism Zine

This is an abridged version of Matthew N. Lyons’ essay “Two Ways of Looking at Fascism,” originally published in the July 2008 issue of Socialism and Democracy (Vol. 22, No. 2), available online at

We believe this essay provides an extremely valuable analysis of the class politics, ideology, and historical evolution of fascism. The booklets measure 5.5 inches in width and 8.5 inches in height. They feature custom artwork printed in color on the front and back covers by the Screwston Anti-Fascist Committee. Front and back covers are card stock paper with a semi-gloss matte texture. Zines are shipped in bubble mailer envelopes via USPS First Class Mail. Pricing per booklet goes down from $3 to $2 as you increase the quantity of your order through the selection of bulk packs.

These zines are also available as both digital and printable PDFs for free here:

Making Sense of Fascism – Digital Color PDF

Making Sense of Fascism – Printable Color PDF

Making Sense of Fascism – Printable Black and White PDF

Friendswood Highschool Coach Attended D.C. ‘Storm the Capital’ Trump Protest

**UPDATE** It appears this man is also listed as the High School Principal for Chireno ISD High School. If you call, consider calling the Chireno ISD Superintendent at 936-362-2132 to let them know as well.


Last week Friendswood Highschool Track and Field Coach Erik Thormaehlen, who goes by “Enrique Thornacion” on Facebook, traveled to Washington D.C. to join the mobs of Trump fanatics who flooded the capital to contest the election results. Erik has kept it no secret, making multiple proud posts about it online from that day onward.

Help us call Friendswood Highschool on Monday 1/11/21 between 8am and 4pm to let them know what you think of their staff storming the capital for Trump!

Friendswood Highschool Phone: 281-482-3413

Links and Details

Friendswood Highschool Track and Field Staff List

Erik Thormaehlen’s Staff Email:

Erik Thormaehlen’s Facebook Page:

Special thanks to Panic! In the Discord for this info!


Dustin Ray Hamby Exposed as Nazi Leader Chef Goyardee

The following is being posted on behalf of Central Texas ARA:

Dustin Ray Hamby, aka “Chef Goyardee”, is an Austin-based Neo-Nazi and cook who now serves as the Austin area Network Directing Officer for the fascist group Patriot Front. His most notable activities include leading the Texas fascist delegation to the Nazi “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville and coordinating security for a Richard Spencer talk in Florida.  Dustin was previously doxxed by Autonomous Student Media here, but no connections were made to his identity as Chef Goyardee or the extent of his involvement in fascist activity. Flyers have been posted around his apartment and surrounding neighborhood in Austin this week with information about Dustin’s Nazi activity.

Prior to his current role with Patriot Front, Hamby was a member of more casual fascist clubs like the “Edelweiss Order”, aka the “Whomsters”, and the “Kek Group”. His activism took a more serious turn when he helped plan the June 17th, 2017 “Texas Is Ours” event for Vanguard America. He also participated in the Austin “March Against Sharia” event June 10th of the same year alongside Paul Gray, and attended the disruption of the Houston Anarchist Bookfair.  

Hamby then became the key Texas organizer for the deadly “Unite the Right” march in Charlottesville. He coordinated van rentals, carpools, and hotel reservations for Texas Nazis. His username “Chef Goyardee” also appeared in a Charlottesville related lawsuit. Additionally, Dustin designed and sold the Red White and Blue Sonnenrad flag (pictured below) which has been flown by erratic Nazi, domestic abuser, and kidnapper William Fears, among others.

In October 2017 he accompanied Richard Spencer to the University of Florida in Gainesville, serving as a security coordinator. After the speech, Texas Nazis Tyler Tenbrink and the Fears brothers were arrested for firing a pistol at protesters.

Dustin Hamby doing security at a rally.

As his alias implies, Chef works in the food industry. He consistently alienates his coworkers with his racism and immoral behavior: at Black Star Co-Op he had his “MAGA” hat tossed into the fryer, and at The Hightower (now closed) he was reported to have groped male coworkers without their consent – despite being in a long-term relationship with fellow fascist Connor Graham. He has previously written fantasies about insulting and scalding his immigrant coworkers, though there are currently no indications he’s actually followed through yet.

Below, you can see some of the types of things Dustin posts about under his alias:

It speaks to Patriot Front’s fear and decay that they have chosen a drunken abuser as their leader for Central Texas. His days of fascist organizing will be brought to a sudden end soon.

– Central Texas Anti-Racist Action |
Dustin Hamby’s Information

Personal details moved to pastebin for now.


Flyer For Sharing

Houston Nazis Doxx Each Other Following Anti-Fascist Actions

On Saturday, June 8th, anti-fascists exposed a realtor named Paul Preston as being the leader of a local Neo-Nazi Group called the Houston Goylers. On the same day they confronted him outside his home in Houston’s Near Northside neighborhood where he lives with his Neo-Nazi girlfriend, Ariel Gherman. Before news even had a chance to spread about the confrontation, active members of Houston’s Alt-Right were already well into an uproar of infighting and blame on Facebook. Weeks prior to the event, tensions were already running high between “AK Lane”, an Alt-Right woman who was dating a Patriot Front member, and Paul Preston. AK Lane had vaguely accused Paul of being a “Nazi LARPer with a Jewish girlfriend” (Ariel bears a commonly Jewish surname), and Paul had in turn been making jokes about AK Lane’s body and appearance for some time. Preston further inflamed tensions by implying it was preferable to date an attractive non-white woman over an opinionated fascist white woman, angering the more “principled” Nazis. This infighting, driven largely by the hopelessly dramatic Paul Preston, ironically rendered him helpless and friendless just a few days later when a large bloc of anti-fascists arrived at their doorstep. Demonstrations continued for well over an hour, with Ariel hiding inside with no one to call upon for aid.

After finding out the hard way that being a Nazi in the real world won’t be tolerated, Paul and Ariel took their anger back to the internet looking for someone to blame for this series of humiliating defeats – while others made laughable claims they could have done something differently to stop us. Over the next few days arguments among fascists flared and it was revealed by AK Lane’s boyfriend that she had previously threatened to doxx Paul Preston.

Upon seeing this, Paul and Ariel became convinced that AK Lane had been solely responsible for doxxing them. Incapable of believing that anti-fascists could collect such extensive information on their own, a number of stories began circulating online about AK Lane working with antifascists and doxxing her former friends.

In actuality, Paul had doxxed himself by posting pictures from his home office, and by identifying himself as Wooderson on film during a fascist “Texas Is Ours” rally in Austin the year prior. AK Lane had not, despite her threats, communicated any information about Preston but it ultimately didn’t matter. His unprincipled, panicked, childishly dramatic demeanor lead him to doxx AK Lane as Kathryn Powell, a name not previously known to us. Both Paul and Ariel made a concerted effort to distribute this information widely online, including photos of Kathryn’s work badge as a TMS Transit Specialist for TAPS Public Transit in North Texas. It’s unclear if that is her current or former employer.

Throughout the weeks following, Kathryn Powell has been the target of continued harassment from her former Nazi associates. Memes, jokes, and threats about her have been circulating across fascist social media circles and are being shared by fascists not even originally involved in these disputes. She is no longer dating her boyfriend from Patriot Front, who appears to have betrayed her by releasing her threats to doxx Paul Preston. It’s no surprise that the first people they are ready to betray are women. The Alt-Right is deeply rooted in misogyny, and they will always seek to blame their own failures and weaknesses on women first. 

Kathryn is still active in some fascist circles such as the “Othinn Folk” Nazi Pagan group which she administers on social media along with other Neo-Nazis. Paul Preston and his friends have gone out of their way to make a fake Facebook group where they make fun of Othinn Folk and Kathryn Powell herself. These events seem to have pitted Paul Preston and his friends in the Houston Goylers and Patriot Front against anyone who supports or tolerates Kathryn in other groups.

White supremacists, and in this case “Chad Nationalists” in particular, build themselves up as strong, disciplined fighters who put their “movement” above all else. In reality, these are fragile, childish white men terrified of being exposed and ready to throw each other under the bus at the first sign of trouble.

Man Caught With Weapons at El Paso Rally Exposed as Houston InfoWars Activist

Who is Thomas Bartram?

Thomas Graham Bartram is a Houston resident who recently appeared on the news for waving weapons around in El Paso after Trump’s visit in response to the mass shooting that took place last week. He was detained by police outside a Community Center and released without arrest or citation. He can be seen posing next to his truck which is covered in pro-Trump, InfoWars, and other far right wing bumper stickers. One can’t help but be reminded of Cesar Sayoc’s white van. While police execute black and brown people for holding any number of random objects when stopped, they continue to be able to detain white men with large rifles unharmed, even in the midst of mass shooting sprees. Not even a week after El Paso saw a young man gun down dozens of innocent people and post his racist Alt-Right manifesto, this other young white man very visibly associated with wingnut Alt-Right groups shows up with weapons, wearing rubber gloves, and is sent on his way with a wag of the finger at a related event. Unbeknownst to the public, this is not even the first time Bartram has been detained and released by police officers for flagrancy with weapons. Many believe his actions and politics mirror that of the beginnings of mass shooters and violent white supremacists, and that action should be taken before he injures or kills people, not after.

Thomas Bartram being detained next to his truck in El Paso, Texas

Bartram, 21, is part of the “InfoArmy,” the pathetic following of conspiracy-peddling white supremacist Alex Jones and his dollar store replica Owen Shroyer. Jones is currently embroiled in a legal battle over his part in urging his base to harass the families of the Sandy Hook victims, including his defense sending a cache of child porn to the families lawyers. Bartram frequents the InfoWars forums, openly posting about his organizing and propagandizing activities around Houston. His crew have done multiple “banner drops” with white supremacist slogans such as “Itz OK 2 B white” while brandishing guns, and have taped dozens of InfoWars fliers around the Houston area. After one banner drop where they were confronted by a concerned citizen, Bartram and crew were interviewed by Shroyer on InfoWars’ official channels. Just as 8chan was recently shut down for it’s part in radicalizing the El Paso shooter, a case could be made for InfoWars radicalizing and even officially endorsing violent extremism as well.  While goofy, conspiracy-driven groups like InfoWars and more mild “Alt-Light” groups like the Proud Boys may seem like less of a problem than explicitly fascist and Neo-Nazi groups, they must still be understood as a very serious threat. Organizations like InfoWars may not openly advocate for genocide or ethno-states, but they certainly attract people who are interested in those things as well as dangerous wingnut conspiracy theorists who believe mass shootings are their last option.

Thomas Bartram (Left) posing next to one of his banners.

Bartram, who goes by @texas_T online, doxxed himself, posting his name, date of birth, and phone number. His twitter is filled with deranged racism, homophobia, and nationalist rants.

On Bartram’s bitchute page, we discover videos of him having been detained by police in the past for brazenly waving guns around on public streets. Police detained him, joked with him, and then let him go. Not that cops will ever challenge white supremacist ideology, Bartram facing consequences may have prevented the citizens of El Paso from yet another danger to their safety. Bartram also posts videos showing off one of his guns, as well as the hundreds of dollars worth of InfoWars snake oil he consumes daily

Daddy’s Money

Thomas was home schooled and his background fits the stereotype of a privileged white boy who was radicalized online by right wing conspiracies. His family is very wealthy and seemingly right wing, supporting his cosplay lifestyle. His father, Mark Albert Bartram, born February 6th, 1960, has worked at companies such as BP, IBM, and as the Vice President of Koch Industries. He is currently an “Executive Partner” with Gartner Executive Programs. The Trump-plastered truck Thomas drives around was bought by and registered to his father, who is clearly enabling his son’s participation in the Alt-Right scene.

Yesterday Thomas posted that he’ll be on his way to Portland, Oregon for an August 17th “End Antifa” Rally, we can guess who is paying for his travels. We hope any of our comrades who may encounter this person stay safe and are aware of his history.

Anti-Fascists Confront Neo-Nazi Outside His Home in Houston

If the video fails to load, try this mirror:

On Saturday, June 8th, a large group Anti-Fascists rallied on Houston’s Near Northside Neighborhood. They marched to the home of white nationalists Ariel Gherman and Paul Preston (the leader of the Houston Goylers) who were thoroughly doxxed the same day. Near Northside residents were alerted of Paul’s presence in their neighborhood through outreach efforts the week before the action and during the action itself. The neighbors we spoke with were grateful to be informed about Paul and highly supportive of the rally itself, and many said they planned to join us at the action. A few neighbors we spoke to had already gotten a bad vibe about the house in the past, and one told us that Paul already had a confrontation with some black high school students who had seen him hanging a racist flag outside at one point. Paul’s house is across the street from Near Northside High School, so his presence there is a huge danger to black and brown students. Leading with a banner which said “Fuck Racists, Smash White Supremacy”, the march was greeted with friendly honks, waves, and smiles from passersby. Neighbors were encouraged to join in and said they wanted to, but some were afraid that the Nazis could recognize them or retaliate. Once the march arrived at the front of Paul Preston’s house, a few of the families looked on and filmed from the periphery.

At Paul and Ariel‘s house, the crowd made a ruckus with chants, horns, drumming and so on. We could see that Ariel Gherman was home, with her car parked out front, but couldn’t tell who else might be inside. Ariel remained quietly inside with no visible movement despite some protesters taping up flyers to the window, knocking, and spamming the doorbell. After some time, a few cops rolled up at a distance, and shortly afterwards a crimson pickup truck with a trailer drove by. Multiple people spotted Paul in the passenger seat looking surprised, embarrassed, and afraid as the truck tried to sneak around the corner undetected. The crowd shifted onto the next street in pursuit of him. Unfortunately for Paul, the street was a dead-end and the driver began awkwardly maneuvering to back up down the street with the trailer they were towing. At the corner, with a little distance from the crowd, Paul quickly hopped out of the truck and darted for his front door. He was dressed in a colorful tank top that had a number 1947 bib, and a goofy sweatband around his head.  With a big crowd whooping and hollering at him he scurried inside, half skipping steps and avoiding eye contact. Even now, a few days after the ordeal, Paul continues to talk a big game online, but when confronted in real life it was a very different story. 

More police eventually showed up and wedged themselves between the crowd and the fence around the house, met with chants of “Cops and Klan go Hand in Hand”. The police made their way up to the front porch and began to take down the flyers, one of them remarked “thanks for the fingerprints”, and they knocked on the door. Ariel sheepishly answered and they were invited inside. Two black cops went in first and shut the door behind them, then the other two white cops entered moments later. Exhausted of any more openings to confront the Nazis now that the cops had come to their rescue, the crowd decided to march back through the neighborhoods and call it a day. More outreach and flyering was done on the way back, with more warm welcomes from everyone we came across.

Trying New Things
After some reluctance, and weeks of rigorous organizing, this event turned out to be a huge success. Without the use of social media or relying on any of the more liberal left, Texans were able to turn out a sizeable bloc of militants to confront a Neo-Nazi at their doorstep without any arrests or injuries–all on a 95 degree day. The police typically have the convenience of seeing events weeks ahead of time on Facebook and making plans to shut things down before they even begin. In this case, cops were not given that luxury. The results of keeping the event offline seemed to pay off. We would have liked to have more neighbors with us in the crowd. Although we did a lot of on-the-ground outreach ahead of time, it’s certainly worth reflecting on ways to bring out more neighbors to the event itself. Improvements could be made to help with turnout such as: scheduling an outdoor event at a time less sunny and hot, changing the meetup location to somewhere more comfortable and less open, and handing out/explaining the use of masks ahead of time to neighbors. This was a chance to experiment with a new tactic and see if home demonstrations can be a viable pressure point against the Alt-Right. When dealing with leadership figures, and people who are less vulnerable to doxxing due to their occupations, we think a home demo can be an effective alternative when enough precautions and preparations are made.