Press Release – Houston Will Stand Against Christian Fascist Harassment


This post served as a press release before the event took place. View the full report about the event here:

Houston Defends Drag Show Against Christian Fascists

Press Release
On Sunday, July 10th, Protect Texas Kids, a hate group led by self-proclaimed Christian fascist Kelly Neidert, plans to harass and intimidate patrons for an all ages drag brunch downtown at Hamburger Mary’s. The Screwston Antifascist Committee, along with other individuals and groups in Houston, have announced a counterprotest to protect our city and queer community from these unwelcome visitors and their attempt to expand their homophobic and transphobic disinformation campaign to our city. Protect Texas Kids has the explicit purpose of intimidation as well as the agenda of falsely equating all openly queer people as groomers. The group, as well as Neidert herself, have openly stated their desire to harm and promote genocide of LGBTQAI people as part of their ideology. This comes amid a wave of bigotry towards queer people, including the recent ban on trans healthcare for Texan youth. We will not stand by and allow them to place targets on the backs of our community members. Houston gathers today to say “Fascists go home”. 
A longer report on the event and the folks behind it will be published after the protest (visible above).
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